Something Went Wrong- User Cannot Login into Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud Unusual Error Message

 What To Troubleshoot If A User Cannot Login To Dynamics 365 Business Central

This blog is absolute inspired by four hours of rabbit hole trouble shooting to figure out why a user could not login to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central this morning, when she arrived at work. Luckily, we were able to troubleshoot between myself and their IT department, but in some cases, you would not be so lucky to have this level of support. So below is the facts and evidence, what we tried, and what the issue actually was. 

The Issue: 

When the user tried to attempt to login to Business Central today via mobile or laptop device, she kept getting this error. Note: The issue was isolated to one user. 

Something went wrong

Please try again later. If you continue to see this error, provide the information below when requesting support.

Technical Details

Failed to load script with:

Date and Time: 2023-08-02T15:47:03.511

This message literally told us nothing. I did see scripts in the error message, so I made an assumption that maybe browser settings were blocking cookies and/or Java Script. Neither was the case. 

The Facts: 

Below are the facts we knew: 

  • User was a previous user
  • User is a super user
  • User is assigned a full business central license
  • User could login yesterday
  • BC Upgraded over night to 22.3
  • User refreshed the browser multiple times

What We Tried: 

We went through a list of things I have seen in the past, along with suggestions from Twitter assistance and other MVPS and here is what we tried and what you should try to start troubleshooting when a user cannot login to Business Central cloud. 

  • If the user was a new BC user, we would insist to verify the user has logged into first and established their account and MFA. Usually users cannot access BC until they access Outlook. This was not the case with this user. 
  • Cookies, Cached Sessions, Java Script: Cookies and JavaScript enabled and browser history was cleared. 
  • Try logging into: in an incognito or private browser. Tried this and the issue persisted. 
  • Tried removing user role center in case the role center was corrupt. Changed to a standard one inside of the BC User Settings Window. No Luck. 
  • Tried to remove the default user company from the User Settings Window inside of BC. No luck.
  • Tried to remove personalization for the user (Note: This will remove shortcuts and personalized windows, which did not matter to our user). No Luck.  
  • Threw computer against the wall (just kidding 😒)
  • Had user try to login to another device (logged into mobile device) still error message. 
  • Emailed Microsoft and tweeted (or "X"'ed) the issue
  • Hoped and prayed
  • Finally emailed the user and asked her to have IT login as her on their device. Bingo, they are in. Now they have to do their research...
  • Awesome IT guy was able to review the windows logs, wondering if it was a patch or recent update issue. 
  • Based on research it appears the home network and IPN were set in place to block the URLS for Business Central and Dynamics 365. 
  • Had user login to the VPN for the corporate network and she was in....
  • Decided husband/partner must be sick of her working from home 🤷
  • All jokes aside, I hope this blog 100% helps another person save four hours of sanity. 
Now back onto building awesome Cosmos Reports for BC Reports for the client!