Verifying Email Messages Sent from Business Central

In Dynamics GP, you could always track if an email was sent by visiting the sent box of your inbox after sending the emails. 

After much research, this does not occur with Dynamics BC. When setting up email, you set up one universal email account and therefore it does not prompt you for credentialing when sending emails. This leaves the user to wonder where will you find if an email was sent to a customer or vendor and how do you resend it?

Enter- Interaction Log Entries in Dynamics Business Central

In the search box, look for Interaction Log Entries. 

The first checkbox will show you if the interaction was cancelled. The second will show you if the attempt failed. 

If you go to Actions in the taskbar, you can several other options for the interactions. 

If a user needs to create an interaction in 365 for Sales/BC, they can do that from this window. You can also evaluate the interaction as well. 

If the user did not get the email, from here you can resend. 

To clean up the entries, you can also remove cancelled entries. 

Need to create a task to remind yourself to contact the customer or vendor again? You can do that from here as well. 

You can setup different interaction templates in the interaction template setup. 

Pretty cool stuff. 

You can read more about these entries here: