Dynamics BC Top 10 Favorite Things #4-Viewing any Business Central Table in the Browser

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 
 My Top 10 Favorite Things
#4- Viewing any Business Central Table in the Browser

For all of those interested in viewing your Business Central data kept in the table versus the interface, I have a cool trick for you! I had to use it today to review some issues we were having with sales tax posting.

I needed to review the table where the data was being stored, as we have been integrating into the tables and review it against what was being manually entered for differences.

It is a very easy process to do this.

1. Open up your BC Environment via URL.
2. Go to the page that you are needing to review.
3. Click on the Question Mark in the upper right corner.
4. Choose help and support
5. Click on inspect pages and data
6. Find the table number on the page inspection page
7. In your current browser URL, find the place where your company name ends and there is a '&' in the URL. Remove everything to the right of your company name in the URL starting with the '&' symbol. 
8. Right after your company name add: &table=18
*replace the numbers with the table number found in inspection

Another cool thing you can do is move the table window to another window, so you can compare your environment to the table side by side. In order to do this, click on the open in another window symbol. 

Before URL:  https://businesscentral.dynamics.com/368c4b78-275b-413b-b945-590f23dace41/?bookmark=21%3bEgAAAAJ7BTEAMAAwADAAMA%3d%3d&node=0000233e-882d-0000-0c65-d300836bd2d2&page=22&company=Energy%20Logic&dc=0

With Table URL: https://businesscentral.dynamics.com/368c4b78-275b-413b-b945-590f23dace41/?bookmark=21%3bEgAAAAJ7BTEAMAAwADAAMA%3d%3d&node=0000233e-882d-0000-0c65-d300836bd2d2&page=22&company=Energy%20Logic&table=18

More information on this handy tool can be found here: