Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central My Top 10 Favorite Things #4- Audit Change Logs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 
 My Top 10 Favorite Things
#4- Audit Change Logs

Have you ever had data changed or removed in your system and had no idea who, when or how the change happened? Does your system allow users to delete cards, entries, data with no trace? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to review any changes, determine who is making the changes, and then activate workflow to prevent it from happening. Business Central has a great solution for this: Change Logs.

What Does This Mean? 
Business Central will keep track of changes within the system, record the entries, and allow you to view or run reports based on these entries.

Do I have to turn on Change Logs?  
Yes, you must activate change logs in order for it to start recording. You do not have to use this function, but it is highly recommended

Why Change Logs? 
Change logs are great for determining who changed, removed, or edited records. If you auditors or supervisors have questions, you will be able to determine the audit history easily.

How Do I Turn on Change Logs? 
Using Alt & Q to navigate to search or using the look up glass at the top right, search for Change Log Setup. In the setup window, slide the toggle to activated.

From the set-up drop down, choose tables.

In this window, you choose which tables you want to log. You can log three areas: insertion, modification, and deletions. You can also log just certain fields. You can do a combo per table. If you click on edit in excel, you can drop the tables in excel and then upload it back up as well. In my previous log, I talked about filtering columns, that will come in very handy here. Don't forget to use * for your wild card searches. Common tables might be customers and vendors.

If you choose some fields, click on the three little dots next to the selection to choose the fields that you want to log. When you are done, exit the window.

No need to click Save anywhere, Microsoft has your back, this is 2020 after all!

Reviewing Change Logs

Using Alt & Q or the look up glass in the top right corner, search for Change Log Entries. Here you can review the entries, print reports, filter, and/or save to excel! Magic.

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