Business Central and Microsoft Teams- Who is Excited?


Coming Soon:
 Teams and Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration! 

Here is what we know: 

Microsoft has named company veteran Mike Morton as the new general manager for Dynamics 365 Business Central back in June. Mike's background is in SharePoint and he has promised we will see more features and functionality with Teams and SharePoint. 

What features can we already use: 
  • Power Automate to Teams to BC or BC to Teams via Power Automate
  • Power BI Dashboards from BC published in a Team

What features would I like to see?
  • New BC User requests and security
  • Workflow approval dashboards in teams
  • Collections in Teams/Customer AR data in a Teams tab
  • Advanced dashboards
  • Project management with financial data
What features would you like to see?
How about it? What features could throw BC into a whole other level of ERP? 


  1. PowerApp based on BC data and PowerApp embedded into Teams


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