Dynamics Business Central- My Favorite Things #6- Direct Integration with D365 for Sales


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 
 My Top 10 Favorite Things
#6- Direct Integration for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM)

If you have ever tried to integrate your CRM system with your ERP system on-premise, you understand that integrations can be complicated, costly, and difficult to build. First, you have to decide what is your master record of truth, which data gets passed and shared, and how the integration should work. Then you have to design the integration, build it, finagle it, and then test it. Usually it requires a software partner and technical consultants. 

When selecting an ERP system, wouldn't it be nice if it just "worked" and synced with your CRM system. The good news is there is a system that does this! Dynamics 365 Business Central has a built-in sync and automatic integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales.

What Does This Mean? 
Business Central will allow you to automatically sync documents and records like Orders, Invoices, Contacts, Accounts, & Opportunities using Microsoft DataFlex, formerly known as the Common Data Service or (CDS)

Do I have to be a programmer or developer to make these changes? 
No, that is the great part of the BC user interface. Making changes is very easy and does not require a developer for most minor changes. It will require a couple service accounts to get you started. I would write this whole blog about these capabilities but Renato did a great job explaining this in his blog already: https://www.fajdiga.info/blog/2020/02/22/enable-cds-integration-with-dynamics-365-business-central-2020-wave-1/.

When Does The Data Sync?   
The great thing about the sync is you have full control on when the data will be synced between the two pieces of Dynamics 365 and when. You can determine also which types of documents you want to sync. 

Can I do the same thing with SalesForce? 
Are you kidding me? SalesForce to Dynamics integrations are costly, expensive and require lots of mapping. But it is possible with API integrations and some talented tech folks, like the amazing ones on my team. 

Where can I view these capabilities? 
Check out my pre recorded webinar on this topic: On Demand: Automating the Quote to Cash Cycle
I also highly recommend checking out these videos from Microsoft: