Dynamics 365 Business Central vs. NetSuite and Other Competitors- Common Myths Debunked


Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) vs. NetSuite and Other Competitors- Common Myths Debunked

A former colleague of mine was recently emailed a copy of the NetSuite partner monthly newsletter. The head article from NetSuite sales was regarding Business Central and it's upgrade versions, all taken from a personal blogger/system administrator. They were using this blog as facts as what was going on with Business Central. After digging on the World Wide Web a little deeper, I was able to find many sites and documentation from NetSuite on what appeared to be "facts" about Business Central (BC). I also found similar articles from other competitors: Acumatica and Intaact.

Here are some of the common myths I am seeing published online:

  • Business Central is siloed
  • Business Central doesn't have automated upgrades and users are all on different versions
  • Business Central is not a robust ERP
  • Business Central is new
  • Business Central doesn't have a lot of customers
  • Business Central does not have subscription billing
  • Business Central is not scalable
  • Business Central is just a level above QuickBooks
  • Integrations are hard with Business Central
  • And on and on.... 
Here is my attempt as a 22-year Dynamics expert and Microsoft MVP to debunk those myths and set the record straight on what sets Business Central apart from its competitors and why they are set on attacking Business Central as it gains market control with a full end-to-end ERP with a 250% year-over-year growth rate:

            Facts About Business Central:

•Fastest Growing cloud ERP in history

•ERP foundation of over 30 years

•Fully scalable, companies from $1- $999M

•Modern Interface

•Single sign-on with Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication

•System administration done through Office 365 Admin Portal

•Full Integration with Office/Microsoft 365

•Full integration with SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams (Oct 2020)

•Out of the box Power BI Reporting

•Monthly Commitment/No Annual Commitment

•No Base Fees or Pricing

•No minimum or maximum purchase quantities

•Upfront pricing with no annual increase

•3 sandbox environments for free

•Automatic integrations with 30-day upgrade test in Sandbox (All cloud tenants, on-prem tenants upgrade when they choose)

•Upgrade releases each April and October

•Upgrades and maintenance included in monthly pricing

•150-200 new features a year

•Out-of-the-Box Personalization

•Auto-Save and recover capabilities

•Speed and reliability

•Ease of integration (open API, ODBC, Azure, Rest API, Power Apps)

•Amazing documentation, user forums and user groups

•Robust audit trails and security controls

•166K+ Companies using Business Central Cloud and On-Prem

•Powerful Multi-Currency, Multi-Language

•SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) and Word Reporting

As you can see Microsoft has added some powerful features to set the D365 cloud platform apart in its industry. I recommend as you do your selection processes to fact check these known facts as well as the competition's statements to make sure you are truly finding the right fit for your company.