Dynamics 365 Business Central- My Favorite Things #7- Product Suggestions and Ideas all sourced by this amazing Community


The Microsoft Ideas Page and Product Suggestions

Have you ever wondered why you cannot do something inside your ERP system and wish you could have an input on how the developers change the software in the next release? The great news is this is available to the general public for all Microsoft Dynamics products, but especially Microsoft Dynamics BC. You can access the ideas page for all of Dynamics 365 Business Central Modules by visiting: https://aka.ms/BCideas

The cloud developers, some of who I know personally, are working throughout the year to listen to your suggestions, allow you to vote on the improvements and let you know if they are considering putting it into a release or if it will be in the next release? How cool is that? 

New releases for Business Central are automatically released by Microsoft twice a year in the Spring and Fall, so the turnaround for all these ideas is incredibly quick. You even get free sandboxes to test new releases 30 days prior to your automated upgrade.

Share an idea with the community and get it voted up so it is in the next release. 

See what is coming and planned before Microsoft releases the next release notes. 

I love this and I love the fact that Microsoft actually listens and values the community input. It is what makes the Dynamics community the strongest in the world, in my honest opinion. 

Go visit the ideas page today and start help developing new ideas with a simple post or vote! 


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