Dynamics 365 Business Central- My Favorite Things #9- Customer Voice & Power Automate


I was speaking with a fellow NAV/BC implementation consultant last week and we got to talking about what truly makes Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) stand out over NetSuite and the other competition. Hands down, it is the ability to leverage the power of the Power Platform and the full Microsoft stack. #8 on my favorites list meets this feature and benefit, hands down! 

In my sample below, I am leveraging two free to Dynamics 365 BC tools that are so common on the workplace. Through my years of consulting, I have seen so many customer and vendor forms being passed back and forth for approval. Once the paper trail via "sneaker flow" as I call it gets approved, then someone will manually enter the data into their ERP/CRM/Customer Database system as a final approval. 

Here is how the power of Customer Voice and Power Automate can come into play to assist you with your day to day approvals. I will show you via the sample below. 

Sales has generated a new lead and created a new account in Dynamics 365 for Sales. That new account has become a customer in D365 Business Central (BC) automatically via Microsoft Dataverse connector (formerly known as the Common Data Services (CDS)). We then use Customer Voice (formerly Microsoft Forms), which is free of charge to D365 customers, to trigger a customer form/survey automatically. Once the survey is submitted, the answers will automatically b
https://customervoice.microsoft.com/e imported into D365 Business Central. Luckily these tools are crazy easy to use and I built the whole solution in maybe 20 minutes. 

Here is how: 

1. Login to Customer Voice with my Azure MFA credentials: 

2. Create a new project: 

3. Create a new form. In this case the survey. I edit the header and add a logo/image file. I leave instructions for my new customer. 

4. Once satisfied with my Q&A questions, I send the survey to myself to test. Since I have already sent this one, I will tab to send at the top and then resend as an option. 

5. In this case. I choose email as an option, though I have so many awesome options. The nice piece is I can customize the email or use Power Automate to send it automatically when a new customer exists! 

6. I then receive the email for the survey after clicking on send in the previous email. 

7. I as the customer have entered my data, including my email and phone number. I click on submit. 

8. I set up a simple Power Automate using the D365 Business Central connector and the Microsoft Forms connector. I tell it every time I get survey
results, extract them and map them to the following fields for the following survey: 

9. I verify it works by submitting my customer survey and then logging into company CRONUS to view the new company data: 

Success. If you want to create really cool flows, you can add another layer of automate and have an email sent to the customer welcoming them to the team or you can have an email sent to your customer data center when new data has been populated. Oh, did I mention that Customer Voice keeps metrics on the results! Magic....


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