Dynamics 365 Business Central- My Favorite Things #10- Power BI Reporting


Dynamics 365 Business Central- My Favorite Things #10- Power BI Reporting

  I picked one of my favorite features to end this series on my favorite things about Dynamics 365 Business Central. The ability to connect and report your data in Power BI has never been easier in the D365 universe. Microsoft has built several out-of-the-box connections and reports that are ready to use within minutes. If these reports do not meet your organizational needs, you can use the web services API connections to get your data from BC easily into Power BI. 

Power BI Inside Business Central

From the BC homepage on the accountant role, scroll down until you see Power BI. If you have not already connected to Power BI before in BC, you will see a message similar to the one below. 

Click on the "Upload demo reports for this page" text. Then wait...

Once this is done, you will then see Power BI Reports with an arrow pointing down. Click on this arrow, then select reports. 

This window will show me all the Power BI Reports I have deployed to me as a user. From here, I have decided to add some finance reporting from the Power BI Apps. I will now navigate to: https://app.powerbi.com/ and login as my BC user. 

Then choose the icon below: 

In the app window, search for Business Central in the right search window, this will narrow the search criteria. The ones with the BC logo, will be the Microsoft out-of-the-box reports. 

I am going to choose the finance one, or the first from the list. Next this window pops up to show me a preview from AppSource. 

Then, I click on get now. 

One last piece. Click the box, click continue then install. 

The wait for it...

It is a pretty quick install. Once it is done, you will see a new BC App in the app section of Power BI. Click on that app. 

Next you will need to connect your data by logging in. This report will now be available in your Power BI dashboards, as well as your BC homepage! 

Deploy more reports and check it out! 


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