My First Year as a Microsoft MVP


The year was 2020. Things were unsettled, unknown, on-edge as the world was dealing with COVID-19 and quarantine. I had just recently finished assisting in a year and a half acquisition project and had moved under the umbrella of a new organization. During the process of migration and integration, a glimmer of hope and excitement came out of nowhere! I was officially a Microsoft MVP! 

I will never forget the moment when I received the email that I had been chosen for this honorable title. I was actually in a meeting with a co-worker when the email came in. I read and re-read the email, thinking, "Is this Real?". When it came to realization, that is when the excitement officially began. I text my good friends and MVPS, Steve Endow, Kristen Hosman, and Shawn Dorward. I could not express enough thankfulness to Steve Endow for his belief that I should apply for the program. An official press release was done by my former employer. This blog is about my year as an MVP. 

Speaking engagements are a must as an MVP. In a world full of COVID, professionals were forced to pivot. Microsoft had moved all it's official conferences and events to virtual. Major conferences I had spoken to for years went virtual. This meant pivoting. I was invited to do webinars, events, and digital conferences. I did interviews for Microsoft. I was voted and nominated to do sessions for DynamicsConSummit North America, and Directions NA. I participated and presented several times at the monthly webinar for BC Mix It Up

In the fall of 2020, I started talking with my friends KristenHosman and Mary Thompson about an idea I had to start a MVP webinar strictly to encourage more women to become MVPS and tech professionals. Within a month, we had it up and running and we just hosted in July of 2021, our seventh MVP Women in Tech monthly live webinar Microsoft MVP Women in Tech: The Untold Stories. We are now almost 250 members strong in that group and have been discussing topics such as harassments, equal pay, blogging, goal setting and more. 

I began blogging and just finished my series on my Top 10 Favorite Features for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

I have begun mentoring several candidates to be nominated as a Microsoft MVP. 

I began a new role back in May as Chief Revenue Officer and Dynamics Practice Managing Director for Arbala Systems, It has been a dream for years to be an owner in a Microsoft Gold practice with integrity, class and the best of Dynamics 365 professionals in the industry. I am having fun daily and working with some amazing clients and my fellow partners, Mike Reyes and Jason Videll. It is exciting to bring the best of Microsoft security to our growing list of reputable clients. 

What does this next year, post renewal, look like? Lots of events. We will continue our Women in Tech series, I will be speaking at many events, and continue to blog. I look forward to hopefully meeting many of you in person. Thanks Microsoft for giving me this chance to serve the community I love. I look forward to an exciting year of in-person events! 

Events planned for the remainder of the year: 

DynamicsCon 2021 Online

Panels Conference- Michigan- Sept 2021

Dynamics Con 2021 Live- Anaheim- Nov 2021

Directions EMEA

Summit NA- Houston

See my MVP profile at: MVP Profile


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