Extract Your Dynamics 365 Business Central Data in Excel in Five Easy Steps

Every once in a while, you need a table in Business Central (BC) that does not have an export to Excel button. The instructions below will give you the ability to export page and table data into Excel as a refreshable file. 

Before you start, figure out the table and page you are on by using the help button. In my case, I need a download of the extension deployment logs. I first start by clicking on the ? in the BC navigation bar at the top right corner of the page while on the page where I need to grab the data fields. Then I click on inspect pages and Data. 

Next, I locate the name of the page and number: 

Then I follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Create new web service using page 2508. Just click new at the top. Choose page as the object page, enter the page number as the object ID and give it a name. (No Spaces). Click off that line and then scroll to the right and get the API created automatically. Copy it for the steps below. 
Step 2: Go into Excel, Click on Data Tab, Choose Get Data. Choose From Online Sources, From Dynamics 365 Online
Step 3: Paste in the API URL from Step One. Click OK
Step 4: Sign in with organization account authentication. Do not choose basic. 

Step 5: Use Transform Data to filter or change column order or just click Load. 

Once loaded, you can save this file nd refresh later by click on the Refresh All button on the data tab with the file open. 

Need help or have questions, email: smullins@accelerynt.com.


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