Need a Reason to Move to Dynamics Business Central from GP? Goodbye ✌Management Reporter!

Goodbye Management Reporter, Hello Business Central (BC)

A lot of people have asked me about the main benefits of moving from Dynamics GP to Dynamics BC and I have one of the top and easiest reasons- getting rid of Management Reporter. After implementing and using Dynamics GP for decades, it is easy to say that I no longer miss having to use Management Reporter to generate and print my financial reports for Dynamics. Many customers complained to me over the years about the lack of ability to generate financial reports just from within Dynamics GP. Guess what, we have this capability inside Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and it is so much better.

Business Central has built-in, decent financial reporting. The reporting tool recently got an upgrade and some changes in naming conventions, but the Financial Report feature inside of Business Central allows you to run on-the-spot financial statements for time periods, allows for drill-in and print capabilities, and allows you to filter and slice by account dimensions. You can also easily export your financial reports to Excel.  Think of Management Reporter without all the installs, database capacity, separate permissions, etc...

Financial Reporting Inside Excel

Other users have provided feedback that they would love to just be able to generate and create reports inside Microsoft Excel and be able to link to multiple worksheets and formulas. This is a capability of Cosmos reporting, which allows you to link your BC data, via Azure, to Excel and create financial reports, dashboards, analysis reports, BI Reports, and more directly from Excel! At A BC Consulting Group, we are a proud Dynamics 365 BC partner and implementation team for Cosmos Reporting. Contact the A BC Consulting Group for more info.

Financial Reports Inside Power BI

Microsoft has provided API endpoints to easily connect Business Central data directly to Power BI and start financial reporting in a matter of minutes. No data connectors are needed as a go-between with the ERP data and Power BI. 

I can't think of a better reason to make the move to Business Central! 

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