Top Things to Not Miss at GPUG/ User Group Summit in Orlando

Summit is my favorite time of the year and I can't believe it is almost upon us. Here is my list of top things not to miss each year.

  • Welcome Reception for New Users- If you are a first-time attendee, this is a must attend! Get your questions answered and bond with other newbies. 
  • Expo Reception- Appetizers, Drinks, and Giveaways- Oh My! The first night of expo is the best one to attend while there are still free-giveaways available.Save room in your suitcase to bring all these fun little things home for yourself or the kiddos. 
  • Expo Hall- Visit my favorite top vendors and see what all the buzz is all about: EOne Solutions, Mekorma, Nodus, Avalara, Binary Stream, Jet Reports, DocLink, AvidExchange and so, so many more....
  • GPUG General Session- Here is where you learn the about the newest release of Dynamics GP, discover all the award winners each year, and Bob McAdam is always a great and entertaining host. 
  • Parties- There is always a party going on at Summit. This week there will be a few. If you need invites, let me know. I love me a good Summit party and GPUG knows how to party the best! 
  • Attend Other User Group Sessions- Your pass gets you among the other user group sessions. If you are dying to learn about the Power Platform, sneak over to some of their sessions and then come back to GPUG sessions for mine ☺
  • Come Early and Attend an Academy Class- I teach four academy classes before Summit even starts. Come Monday and Tuesday to learn early with the rest of us. There are so many great Academy Classes, it will be hard to choose. These are hands-on, instructor led sessions. Always rave reviews. 
  • Socialize at Meals- I love to sit at new tables with users I have never met. It is my favorite time to meet people from all over the country learning just as I am! 
  • Microsoft General Session- Best place to learn about all the new MS products and features that are happening. Always informative.
  • Snack Time- Don't miss snacks, sodas and coffee on the concourse mid-afternoon. I love me some snacks! 
  • Enjoy the Gaylord -Being at the Gaylord is always a treat. Stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 
Other Helpful Tips: Layer your clothes for cold conference rooms or HOT conference rooms. 
Bring a laptop so you can follow along. Buy the recorded session package. Bring COMFORTABLE shoes. Bring a refillable water bottle. 

Any questions feel free to message me! Can't wait to see you all in Sunny Orlando! 
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 
 My Top 10 Favorite Things
#3- Single Sign-On Logins & the Association with Office 365

Of all my favorite things in the world, remembering passwords and authentication questions is not one of them.
Do you ever get sick of logging in and out of programs all day long?
Microsoft understands this problem, which is why Dynamics 365 Business Central works with your Office 365 credentials and a single sign-on authentication.

What Does This Mean? 
When I log into BC and I remember my credentials, it authenticates me against my computer account which is associated with my Office 365 account.

Does This Mean I Must Have Office 365 to Run Dynamics Business Central? 
Yes, you must have
 Office 365 licenses to run Business Central.

Why the Association? 
Associating your Office 365 logins with Business Central allows for quicker login access, one single password for all Microsoft products, and easy security admin for your IT users. Your IT users grant access to Business Central through your Office 365 admin portal, the same way they would your Office 365 license is assigned.

This association allows you to access and utilize the same credentials to work with the Business Central adapters for Excel, Word, SSRS, Azure and Power BI. Thus allowing users to not have to login and logout of all these programs.

How Do I Grant Security Rights to BC Users? 
Once a user has access through the O365 Admin Portal, a security admin within the Business Central Site can grant user security rights. There is no need to key in the users inside Business Central, you can simply run the update users from Office 365 tool to see all users who have access in the portal.

Going forward, this one universal Microsoft single sign-on leans the Microsoft expansion of Office 365 and Dynamics 365 offerings towards a "One Microsoft World".

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