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  Meet the Microsoft MVP Session Wow, what an amazing conference this year in Germany. This is my second year in attendance in this international event and I was surprised to see the improvements and amount of growth since we last met in Milan last year. Welcome Reception Tuesday It was so exciting to attend the opening reception for Directions EMEA on Tuesday and see so many new faces and especially new women in attendance. It appears that the efforts put forth with the Women in Dynamics committee and the Microsoft partners in attendance are going well. The reception was a great time to give hugs, handshakes and smile as we enjoyed yummy appetizers and drank good wine and beer. BC Women MVPS Tuesday night, Krzysztof, Jeremy and Venus organized and held the annual BC Beerinar down the street from the conference center in a fun place, called the Down Under. In attendance from all over the world was consultants, Microsoft MVPS, Microsoft and developers. It was a great social event,

Business Central Hacks- Reviewing Sent Emails from Business Central

I recently ran into a customer support case where the IT team could not review the emails sent from within Business Central for the individual and service account users. They needed a log of all emails coming from the system along with the related documents and user that sent them.  Of course, being fully integrated with the Microsoft Platform, Dynamics 365 sends emails via the associated outlook account or the account setup in email scenarios. The emails sent from that account can be viewed from the sent mailbox of either account. However, IT does not always have access to these accounts and if they are troubleshooting if an email was sent or an issue with an email sent, they need an easy way to track this.  Here are the steps to grant permissions to view all sent emails in business central:  1. Make sure you are an admin user or grant permissions to this table. Search for Email User Policies inside Business Central.  2. Add the user who needs to view the emails and their policy by cl

Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) Growth is Insane(r)- Who is using Dynamics Business Central? A lot of people!

   Back in the fall, I attended directions EMEA and these were the numbers from the early fall customer SaaS accounts (doesn't include the BC on Prem/NAV on Prem versions with 100K customers) , which almost met my growth chart below on my previous blogpost about BC Customer Growth, written in 2020.  As expected D365 Business Central and the Dynamics 365 platform are exceeding growth expectations year over year, with some amazing numbers and a 250% growth rate.  So who is using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:  Manufacturers and Distributors  Healthcare and Physicians Offices Major League Sports Teams ECommerce and Online Sites Agriculture Marijuana 3PL Warehouses Professional Services (Lawyers, Doctors)  Education Non-For-Profits  & More The best part of this software is that it just keeps getting better. 100s of new features are set to release next month in April to enhance the BC experience along with 100s of new apps being introduced monthly in the AppSource Store th

Top 10 Differences Between Dynamics GP and BC- #1- It's a Beautiful Cloud Life- Time to Put Away that VPN and RDP Connection

 This year I decided to focus on a top 10 topic series close to home, as I see many Dynamics GP customers shopping for ERP cloud solutions to meet their long term cloud transformation goals, I will use this blog to go in depth about some of the amazing features and differences between two of Microsoft's most popular ERP systems: Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC). I will highlight 10 reasons by BC is gaining traction and has over 20,000  customers globally as of October 2021. This surpasses my estimates last year of doubling in size and makes BC tower against it's cloud competitors.  My background and where I started with software is Dynamics GP, which was Great Plains software, when I started using the system. I have been selling and supporting Business Central (BC), formerly NAV, for the past 5 years. It is hard to believe that users can now get all of the above features for $100 or less, per user, per month!  Why is BC gaining so much momentum