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Fixed Assets Webinar- GPUG

Back at  User Group Summit in October, I had two sessions that I taught during the main conference. The first was 50 Things Never to Do in Dynamics GP. I taught with my lovely friend and fellow speaker, Kristen Hosman. We were well prepared for a crowd of 50. Surprisingly enough, we had a huge room that could fit 300 or so individuals, a stage, and two screens. Both of us were in denial that the room would fill up with people to hear us speak, but soon enough, the doors opened and the room was at capacity! It was so amazing, the audience was so engaged, and the cowbells will live in Summit history.  10 minutes after I left that room, I was to transition straight to my second session down the hall. I get in the room and it is maxed out. A room with 150 chairs is full to capacity, people are lining the walls, doorways, sitting on the floor and behind me. I had to fight my way to the front to present on the most amazing topic ever: Fixed Assets! Due to the high demand of

MICR Fonts Available Free in BC

For those of you migrating from Dynamics GP and wanting to replace Mekorma MICR, look no further. With the BC built-in workflow process and the new release in March of this year, there is no longer a need for Mekorma MICR products in the cloud.  The preview and testing of MICR products will be available in release 15.3 set to release in March.  This is very excited and much needed!  Thanks Microsoft!  For more details and how to test, see this link:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
My Top 10 Favorite Things #5
User Preferences and Personalization
Part 1

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central   My Top 10 Favorite Things #5- User Preferences- Part 1 Sometimes software has really ugly, crowded interfaces. At times you wish you could remove the fields you don't need and add some of the fields you wish you had. There are also times you wish you could create a shortcut to a page you use often.  What if you could make data entry a whole lot easier by setting your tab/enter keys?  The Business Central user interface is very user friendly for customization and shortcuts. In this blog, I will show you how. What Does This Mean?  Business Central will allow users to hide or add fields based on their own user interface. Users can also add a limited number of fields to forms and lists along with adding shortcuts and pinned pages.  Do I have to be a programmer or developer to make these changes?  No, that is the great part of the BC user interface. Making changes is very easy and does not require a developer for most minor c

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central My Top 10 Favorite Things #4- Audit Change Logs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central   My Top 10 Favorite Things #4- Audit Change Logs Have you ever had data changed or removed in your system and had no idea who, when or how the change happened? Does your system allow users to delete cards, entries, data with no trace? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to review any changes, determine who is making the changes, and then activate workflow to prevent it from happening. Business Central has a great solution for this: Change Logs. What Does This Mean?  Business Central will keep track of changes within the system, record the entries, and allow you to view or run reports based on these entries. Do I have to turn on Change Logs?   Yes, you must activate change logs in order for it to start recording. You do not have to use this function, but it is highly recommended Why Change Logs?  Change logs are great for determining who changed, removed, or edited records. If you auditors or supervisors have questions, you will