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Business Central Hacks- Reviewing Sent Emails from Business Central

I recently ran into a customer support case where the IT team could not review the emails sent from within Business Central for the individual and service account users. They needed a log of all emails coming from the system along with the related documents and user that sent them.  Of course, being fully integrated with the Microsoft Platform, Dynamics 365 sends emails via the associated outlook account or the account setup in email scenarios. The emails sent from that account can be viewed from the sent mailbox of either account. However, IT does not always have access to these accounts and if they are troubleshooting if an email was sent or an issue with an email sent, they need an easy way to track this.  Here are the steps to grant permissions to view all sent emails in business central:  1. Make sure you are an admin user or grant permissions to this table. Search for Email User Policies inside Business Central.  2. Add the user who needs to view the emails and their policy by cl