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BC Workflow- No Approval, Rejection, Delegate comments in notification emails

  According to Microsoft, there is no roadmap to add workflow approval, rejection and delegate comments to the BC out of the box email notifications. You can always add an extension, but this should be OOB.  I need the community to help vote this up!  Please go here and vote today:

Business Central Announces End of Internet Explorer as a Supported Browser

Business Central Announces End of Internet Explorer as a Supported Browser It has been announced that Microsoft would like you to finally permanently embrace Microsoft Edge as your default and main browser.  This initiative is emphasized by the annoucement that in April of 2021, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central will no longer be compatible with Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge legacy.  Now is the best time to install the newest version of Microsoft Edge and starting testing Business Central in that browser.  Here are some common questions:  Can I run in Google Chrome?  Yes, absolutely. What browsers are recommended for Business Central Cloud?  Recommended browsers Microsoft Edge:  Business Central is designed to work with the current version of the new Microsoft Edge. Chrome for Windows and Firefox for Windows:   Business Central is designed to work with the current version of these desktop browsers. Safari :  Business Central is designed to work with the current version of S

Business Central and Microsoft Teams- Who is Excited?

  Coming Soon:  Teams and Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration!  Here is what we know:  Microsoft has named company veteran Mike Morton as the new general manager for Dynamics 365 Business Central back in June. Mike's background is in SharePoint and he has promised we will see more features and functionality with Teams and SharePoint.  What features can we already use:  Power Automate to Teams to BC or BC to Teams via Power Automate Power BI Dashboards from BC published in a Team What features would I like to see? New BC User requests and security Workflow approval dashboards in teams Collections in Teams/Customer AR data in a Teams tab Advanced dashboards Project management with financial data What features would you like to see? How about it? What features could throw BC into a whole other level of ERP? 

Dynamics Business Central- My Favorite Things #6- Direct Integration with D365 for Sales

  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central   My Top 10 Favorite Things #6- Direct Integration for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM) If you have ever tried to integrate y our CRM system with your ERP system on-premise, you understand that integrations can be complicated, costly, and difficult to build. First, you have to decide what is your master record of truth, which data gets passed and shared, and how the integration should work. Then you have to design the integration, build it, finagle it, and then test it. Usually it requires a software partner and technical consultants.  When selecting an ERP system, wouldn't it be nice if it just "worked" and synced with your CRM system. The good news is there is a system that does this! Dynamics 365 Business Central has a built-in sync and automatic integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales. What Does This Mean?  Business Central will allow you to automatically sync documents and records like  Orders, I