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Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) Growth is Insane!

  The latest announcement coming out of the Dynamics Business Central (BC) Microsoft virtual event last month was the extremely rapid growth of the software. There are now over 10,000 customers using D365 Business Central cloud-based ERP software with a strong 125k on-premise base. That’s a 250% growth rate! The momentum for this product is amazing! It is no surprise with the amazing ease of use features, monthly subscription fees (not annual), fast implementation, and full integration with Microsoft Office 365 functionality.  To imagine what the software will be 5-10 years from now, let's assume we keep on the same trajectory for a 250% year-over-year growth. What does that look like in terms of numbers of users using BC Cloud? If you look at the graph below, at this current rate, BC will exceed 25,000 customers next year and be well over 100,000 customers by 2023. I believe based on what I am seeing and hearing from the market that this growth rate will continue for at least the

Business Central Versus NetSuite- Side by Side Comparison

Side-by-Side Comparison  After my last blog post, I have received lots of requests for my version of a side-by-side comparison chart for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central vs. Oracle NetSuite.  Here you go!  Feel free to Share the Business Central love!  Dynamics 365 Business Central vs. NetSuite Features Comparison Chart Features Comparison Dynamics 365 Business Central NetSuite Core Financial Capabilities (GL, AP, AR, BR) Included Included Multi-Budgets, Currencies, Fixed assets, Distribution, Manufacturing, Job Costing Included Al La Carte Pricing Modern  Interface Included Not Included Users Can Personalize All Windows Included Not Included Number of  Included Upgrades per Year 2 2 Recommended Company Annual Revenue $1-999M $1M-5

Dynamics 365 Business Central vs. NetSuite and Other Competitors- Common Myths Debunked

  Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) vs. NetSuite and Other Competitors- Common Myths Debunked A former colleague of mine was recently emailed a copy of the NetSuite partner monthly newsletter. The head article from NetSuite sales was regarding Business Central and it's upgrade versions, all taken from a personal blogger/system administrator. They were using this blog as facts as what was going on with Business Central. After digging on the World Wide Web a little deeper, I was able to find many sites and documentation from NetSuite on what appeared to be "facts" about Business Central (BC). I also found similar articles from other competitors: Acumatica and Intaact. Here are some of the common myths I am seeing published online: Business Central is siloed Business Central doesn't have automated upgrades and users are all on different versions Business Central is not a robust ERP Business Central is new Business Central doesn't have a lot of customers Business Cen